Plays & Libretti


PL101. GILBERT, W. S. Pygmalion and Galatea London: Samuel French, Ltd., [1871]; pp.40. French’s Acting Edition No.1545. Lacks rear cover. .....

PL102. GILBERT, W. S. Tom Cobb; or, Fortune's Toy London: Samuel French, [1875]; pp.32. Rebound in grey card. .....

PL103. GILBERT, W. S. Uncle Baby London: Terence Rees, 1968; pp.[ii].30. Limited edition of 500, No.111. .....£5.00

PL105.  GILBERT, W. S. Creatures of Impulse London: Samuel French, Ltd., [1871]; pp.20. French’s Acting Edition No.1364. Missing wrappers. .....£12.00

PL106. GILBERT, W. S. The Palace of Truth London: Samuel French, Ltd., [1870]; later printing; pp.55. French’s Acting Edition No.1332. Dark blue-green wrappers, top right corner creased. .....£12.00


PL111. GILBERT, W. S. The Sorcerer London: Metzler & Co., [1877]; printed c.1880 (adverts for Romberg's Toy Symphony); pp.32. Blue-grey wrappers. Contains original finale Act 1 and "Happy are we in our loving frivolity." .....

PL112. GILBERT, W. S. The Sorcerer & Trial by Jury London: Chappell & Co./Metzler & Co., [1884]; printed for the Savoy revival; p.40. Blue-grey wrappers. Adverts indicate publication before The Mikado premiered. Contents foxed, wrappers worn at edges. .....£12.00

PL108. GILBERT, W. S. The Pirates of Penzance; or, The Slave of Duty London: Chappell & Co., [1880]; First edition; pp.32. Blue-grey wrappers. The "Dramatis Personae" on p.2 identifies the first printing of the libretto, which was not published until November 1880, some six months after the London premiere and nearly a year after the first performance! (For a more detailed history of the printing of the libretto, see Reginald Allen's First Night G&S). Light chipping to top and bottom of spine, wrappers detached. .....£60.00

PL109. GILBERT, W. S. Iolanthe; or, The Peer and the Peri London: Chappell & Co., [1882]; Second edition; pp.39.1 advt. Blue-grey wrappers. Contains "Fold Your Flapping Wings." Has been folded vertically, back wrapper stained, front wrapper clipped to bottom right edge, some edge tears and the last two pages are missing their top right corner, no loss of text. .....£25.00

PL110. GILBERT, W. S. Princess Ida; or, Castle Adamant London: Chappell & Co., [1884]; First edition; pp.48. Blue-grey wrappers. Prologue and Two Acts identifies the first edition. Wrappers chipped at edges and detached. .....£15.00

PL113. GILBERT, W. S. Utopia (Limited); or, The Flowers of Progress London: Chappell & Co., 1893; early edition, adverts indicate before Christmas 1893; pp.51.5 advts. Blue-grey wrappers. Title parentheses used throughout, King Paramount's second verse "Stupendous when we rouse..." is retained, but the finale Act 2 is as performed. Wrappers worn, spine splitting at stitching. .....£20.00

PL115. GILBERT, W. S. The Mountebanks Music by Alfred Cellier. London: Chappell & Co., 1892; early edition; pp.55. Blue-grey wrappers. Slight chipping to edges. .....£20.00

PL116. GILBERT, W. S. "His Excellency" Music by Dr. Osmond Carr. London: Chappell & Co.,1894; First edition; pp.60. Blue-grey wrappers. Adverts and printer indicate first edition (see Townley Searle). .....£45.00

PL120. GILBERT, W. S. Den Gode Fregat Pinafore; eller, Ladyen og Matrosen [HMS Pinafore in Danish!] Copenhagen: Langkjaers Bogtrykkeri, 1956; pp.61. Translated by Jens Louis Petersen, illustrated by Poul Kanneworff, with a foreword by Torben Krogh. .....£22.50

PL114. GRUNDY, Sydney Haddon Hall Music by Arthur Sullivan. London: Chappell & Co., Ltd., 1892; pp.51.1 advt. Original blue-grey wrappers, worn at spine and corners. .....£16.00

PL117. HOOD, Basil The Rose of Persia; or, The Story-Teller and the Slave Music by Arthur Sullivan. London: Chappell & Co., 1899; pp.65.1 advt. Grey wrappers. .....£15.00

PL118. HOOD, Basil The Emerald Isle; or, The Caves of Carrig-Cleena Music by Arthur Sullivan and Edward German. London: Chappell & Co., Ltd., 1901; later printing; pp.65.3 advts. White wrappers. .....£12.00


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