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PC193. No.2 Henry Lytton as "The Duke" in "The Gondoliers" (Act 1) .....£9.50
PC194. No.4 Henry Lytton as "The Duke" in "The Gondoliers" (Act 2) .....£9.50
PC195. No.6 Henry Lytton as "Jack Point" in "The Yeomen of the Guard" (Act 2) .....£9.50
PC196. No.11 Leo Sheffield as "The Grand Inquisitor" in "The Gondoliers" .....£9.50
PC197. No.13 Bertha Lewis as "The Duchess of Plaza-Toro" in "The Gondoliers" .....£9.50
PC198. No.14 Sidney Granville [sic] as "Grosvenor" in "Patience" .....£9.50
PC199. No.27 Leo Sheffield as "Sergeant of Police" in "Pirates of Penzance" .....£9.50
PC200. No.50 Leo Sheffield as "Sir Despard Murgatroyd" in "Ruddigore" (Act 2) .....£9.50
PC201. No.53 Bertha Lewis as "Lady Sangazure" in "The Sorcerer" .....£9.50
PC202. No.57 Leo Sheffield as "Wilfred Shadbolt" in "The Yeomen of the Guard" .....£9.50
PC203. No.63 Darrell Fancourt as "The Mikado" in "The Mikado" (landscape format) .....£9.50
PC204. No.80 Darrell Fancourt as "Earl of Mountararat" in "Iolanthe" .....£9.50

PC207. Sir Arthur Sullivan Colour reproduction of Sir J. E. Millais’ portrait. Photo. Emery Walker. The Knight Series No.1269. With caption in pale blue, "Sir Arthur Sullivan, M.V.O., Mus. Doc., 1842-1900. Son of a military bandmaster. Distinguished as a composer of oratorios, church music, songs, the operas "Cox and Box," "The Sorcerer," "H.M.S. Pinafore," "Patience," "The Mikado," etc. Buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral." .....£8.00

PC208. Rutland Barrington Half length portrait in street clothes with brown derby hat. The Wrench Series No.994. Hand dated "3.7.03" Glue spots to reverse corners. .....£9.50

PC209. Miss Fortescue [as "Lady Teazle" in "School For Scandal"] Head and shoulders photograph. Rotary Photo Co. 1523. May Fortescue created the roles of "Lady Ella" in "Patience" and "Celia" in "Iolanthe" and was a constant friend of Gilbert until his death in 1911. .....£7.50

PC210. Miss Fortescue [as "Lady Teazle" in "School For Scandal"] Head and shoulders photograph. Tuck’s "Celebrities of the Stage" Series 1049. .....£7.50

PC211. C. H. Workman Half length portrait. Tuck’s "Celebrities of the Stage" 1044. .....£8.50

PC213. Courtice Pounds & Ellalline Terriss as "Abbé de la Touche" & "Duc de Richelieu" in "The Dashing Little Duke" [1909] Rotary Photo Co. 7463C Signed on the front by Courtice Pounds "Yours truly…" .....£12.50

PC214. Walter Passmore as "Baptiste Boubillon" in "The Belle of Brittany" [1908] Rotary Photo Co. 7444F. .....£4.50

PC215. Let Me Dream Again Colour illustrated postcard entitled "Have you ever had a dream like this?" featuring a singer holding the music to Sullivan’s song "Let Me Dream Again" having bouquets thrown at him. Series A 16 B.B. London. .....£4.50

PC216. The Earl and the Girl The Minuet Full colour poster design advertising J. Bannister Howard’s Company’s production at the Castle Theatre, Richmond. Poster features Phyllis Broughton and Walter Passmore in the lead roles. .....£12.50

PC219. Princess Ida; or, Castle Adamant Colour lithograph poster, 1884, by Strobridge Lithographic Co., Cincinnati and New York. From the Harvard Theatre Collection. .....£2.50


PC220. Rutland Barrington as "Sir Despard Murgatroyd" in "Ruddigore" photo by Barraud, London. From "The Theatre," 1887. A Fantastic Act 2 head and shoulders pose with the quotation "Basingstoke!" .....£16.00

PC222. Dame Gwyneth Jones as "Ruth" in "Die Piraten von Penzance" [Wiener Volksoper, 2002] boldly signed "Best Wishes, Gwyneth Jones" .....£25.00


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